AABL™ & KRT Test Preparation Workbook

AABL™ & KRT Test Preparation Workbook

Product Description

The AABL™ is divided into Reasoning and Achievement sections, each of which includes two subsections that contain a variety of question types. Our AABL™ Test Preparation Workbook has 400+ questions divided into each subsection, with each question labeled according to the skill(s) it addresses.

Our workbook also includes an AABL™ Practice Assessment as well as 250+ questions to familiarize children with the Kindergarten Readiness Task (KRT) and other custom school assessments that private elementary schools use as part of the admissions process. Our AABL™ Test Preparation Workbook also includes:

  • Early Literacy, Mathematics, Verbal Reasoning and Quantitative Reasoning sections.
  • Test-taking tips and strategies.
  • Full two-part Practice Test.
  • Full answer guide.
  • 40 monster stickers to encourage persistence and promote learning through play.
  • 275 pages

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