Arithmetic Subtest
First Edition, Ages 6-10

Arithmetic Subtest<br>(WISC&trade;-IV)<br>First Edition, Ages 6-10<br><span style="color: red;">SOLD OUT</span>
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This workbook caters to children ages 6-10.
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This workbook includes detailed instructions on how the Arithmetic subtest is administered and scored and 100 exercises to help your child practice the concepts that are tested. The book includes 80 monster stickers to encourage persistence and promote learning through play.

The Arithmetic Subtest is part of the Working Memory portion of the WISC™-IV test, predominantly used in Grades 1-4. The test consists of orally administered arithmetic questions. The test is timed, and children must solve the problems without the use of pencil and paper. The Arithmetic subtest measures attention, concentration, and working memory.

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NOTE: The Arithmetic practice workbooks consists of both a Parent Book and Child book.