ERB Subtests &
Product Availability

ERB Subtests &<br>Product Availability
The Educational Records Bureau's Early Childhood Admissions Assessment for Pre-K & Kindergarten (ECAA), more commonly known as the ERB test, is the standard admissions test used by most New York City private schools. The ERB is comprised of 8 of the 14 subtests on the WPPSI™-III as the table below details. Primarily children who are applying to private New York City Pre-K or Kindergarten schools take the test. Unlike the WPPSI™-III, trained ERB testers, not necessarily licensed psychologists, administer the ERB.

Aristotle Circle offers workbooks and diagnostic practice tests for all subtests of the ERB.

We offer our best-selling Complete ERB/WPPSI™-III Practice Workbook, which includes all subtest exercises and Diagnostic Test 1, and Performance and Verbal subtest bundles which contain the related subtests.

We also offer Individual subtest workbooks and diagnostic Practice Tests to help identify areas to strengthen.