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Math Assessment
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Product Description

Aristotle Circle's Math Assessment identifies if your child meets, exceeds, or falls below grade level in areas tested in Common Core aligned tests, State exams, and other end-of-year achievement tests such as the CTP-4.

This assessment is administered by a tutor in the privacy of the student's home. All results are confidential. Currently available in select markets.

Our Mathematics Assessment includes:
  • 1:1 Administration
  • Report Summary
  • Common Core Report Summary
  • State Standards Report Summary
  • 15-minute consultation

The Math Assessment Report provides a fast, visual view of a student’s math profile to help determine the most effective instructional approach for each student.

Customized tutoring is available to fill in any knowledge gaps that are identified from our assessment. Currently available in select markets.

Contact Us, for more information or to schedule an assessment.

More Information

Our Math Assessment thoroughly analyzes your child's mathematical mastery through its alignment with Common Core State Standards and NCTM's 5 content strands: Numbers and Functions, Algebra, Geometry, Data Analysis, and Measurement.

Using revolutionary adaptive logic, our Math Assessment maximizes the information obtained while minimizing test-taking time and anxiety.

Our Math Assessment:
  • Isolates students’ mastery levels across 44 sub-tests, in five strands.
  • Provides interactive technology featuring a mix of audio, text, and images to engage all students and improve diagnostic effectiveness.
  • Offers three graphical interfaces (K-2, 3-5, 6-12+) to engage students of all ages, even older remedial students and adult learners.
  • Is approved by NY school districts.

Aristotle Circle Math Assessment is ideal for parents seeking insight into how their child is performing relative to Common Core State Standards. The detailed math report can be used to:
  • Help your student prepare for state exams, including Common Core aligned tests, such as NY ELA and Mathematics as well as the CTP-4.
  • Deliver accurate measures of student Common Core grade performance to parents.