Pre-K & Kindergarten ERB/WPPSI™-IV
Test Preparation Complete Workbook Set
Includes New Subtests Workbook!

Pre-K & Kindergarten ERB/WPPSI&trade;-IV<br>Test Preparation Complete Workbook Set<br><span style="color: red">Includes New Subtests Workbook!</span>
Pre-K & Kindergarten ERB/WPPSI™-IV
Test Preparation Complete Workbook Set
Includes New Subtests Workbook!

Product Description

NOTE: If purchasing the Complete ERB/WPPSI™-IV book, you do not need to purchase the ERB/WPPSI™-IV New Subtests addendum. The addendum is included in this ERB/WPPSI-IV Test Preparation Complete Workbook set.

Our two-volume complete workbook demystifies the new WPPSI™-IV test and gives you hundreds of practice exercises and an additional 400+ colorful Vocabulary images. This workbook includes Aristotle Circle's new Pre-K & Kindergarten ERB/WPPSI™-IV Test Preparation Workbook: New Subtests. Aristotle Circle's leading ERB prep workbook also provides:
  • Unprecedented insight into the actual test.
  • Differences between the WPPSI™-III and the WPPSI™-IV tests.
  • Detail and practice for each new subtest: Animal Coding, Bug Search, Cancellation, Picture Memory, Information and Zoo Locations.
  • Clarity on common misconceptions about what the test is, how it is administered, what is actually being tested, and how to best prepare.
  • Advice on when your child should take the test - it does matter!
  • Practical exercises and activities that focus exclusively on the concepts tested.
  • Hundreds of exercises that are structured and presented in a way similar to those on the test.
  • Skill-building games and activities that you can incorporate into your daily routine.
  • 400+ colorful Vocabulary images, including all images your child is required to know on the actual test.
  • Advice to increase persistence, focus, and the ability to work through frustration.
  • 16 solid and bi-colored block manipulatives to practice the Block Design activities.
  • 40 monster stickers to encourage persistence and promote learning through play.
  • 198 pages

Aristotle Circle’s Pre-K & Kindergarten ERB/WPPSI™-IV Test Preparation Workbook was developed by Aristotle Circle’s Director of Product Development, Janet Roberts. Roberts received her Masters of Science from Oxford University’s Department of Education in Educational Research Methodology, and is a certified teacher with a Bachelor of Education. Roberts has also studied at New York City’s most prestigious educational institutions, including Columbia University and Stuyvesant High School.

To develop the contents of this book, Roberts worked with select Aristotle Circle Test-Preparation Experts with extensive backgrounds in administering and tutoring early childhood educational assessments, intelligence tests, and neuro-psychological evaluations. To ensure this book was made to maximize your learning, it was designed and edited in collaboration with an Art professor with a Masters of Fine Arts and an art fellowship from Yale University.

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