In response to parents' requests, Aristotle Circle worked with our experts to develop two at-home ERB/WPPSI™-III diagnostic tests. Practice Test 1 is included with the purchase of the Complete ERB/WPPSI™-III Practice Workbook. These diagnostic Practice tests are designed to help parents identify a child's areas of strength and weakness relative to specific ERB and WPPSI™-III subtests. Parents may then focus activities to help build the skills assessed on the ERB / WPPSI™-III test itself. Familiarity with the test format, structure and question types should instill confidence and ensure that your child performs to the best of his or her ability.

Aristotle Circle currently offers products for 9 of the 14 WPPSI™-III subtests and is developing material for the remaining 5 subtests. Available products include the Complete ERB/WPPSI™-III Practice Workbook, the Picture Completion Subtest Workbook, which comes with our new Practice Test 1 and contains all subtest exercises except for Picture Completion Subtest Workbook, which must be ordered separately. We also offer Performance and Verbal subtest bundles and Individual subtest workbooks. The WPPSI™-III Subtest & Product Availability page can help you decide what products to order.