Performance & Verbal
Subtest Bundles

WPPSI&trade;-III<br>Performance & Verbal<br>Subtest Bundles
We've divided our Complete ERB/WPPSI™-III Practice Workbook into Performance and Verbal subtest bundles to give parents more options. Each book includes detailed instructions on how each included subtest is administered and scored on the actual WPPSI™-III and exercises to help your child practice the concepts that are tested.

Aristotle Circle currently offers products for 9 of the 14 WPPSI™-III subtests and is developing material for the remaining 5 subtests. All of the material contained in Performance & Verbal Subtest Bundles is included in the Complete ERB/WPPSI™-III Practice Workbook, except for the Picture Completion Subtest Workbook, which must be ordered separately. We also offer ERB/WPPSI™-III Practice Tests to help identify subtest areas that may need strengthening and individual ERB/WPPSI™-III subtest workbooks.

The WPPSI™-III Subtest & Product Availability page can help you decide what products to order.