Intermediate SCAT™ <br>Workbook (Grades 4-5)

Intermediate SCAT™
Workbook (Grades 4-5)

Intermediate SCAT™
Workbook (Grades 4-5)
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The SCAT™ (School and College Ability Test™) is designed to be above grade level, which means it is supposed to be difficult, even for very bright children. This quiz is typically given to students trying to gain entrance to gifted and talented schools or programs, like the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth® (CTY®).

Our Intermediate SCAT™ Workbook provides extensive practice for students so they can become accustomed to the questions found in the Verbal and Quantitative sections on the Intermediate SCAT™ (grades 4-5) assessment.

By using our Intermediate SCAT™ Workbook, students can increase their confidence and develop problem-solving techniques to promote a stronger understanding of SCAT™ subject areas, an optimal test outcome, as well as general enrichment.

  • 95 pages
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