SSAT™ Test Prep (Grades K-5+) New!

Our SSAT™ Elementary Level Practice Test (5th Grade Candidates) provides practice for children so they can become accustomed to the types of questions included on the Secondary School Admission Test™ (SSAT™).

Our Verbal Analogies Workbooks provide extensive practice for students so they can become accustomed to verbal analogies (grades K-5+*), including those found on the SSAT™ assessments.

*It is very important to note that the grades assigned to each level are general suggestions. It is entirely possible that a younger child would excel with the higher-level questions, or that a student in the upper grades would struggle with the earlier-level questions. A student’s performance on these questions depends greatly on their vocabulary, exposure to analogies (which are not typically taught in school), and other student-specific variables.