Quantitative Comparisons/Reasoning Advanced Workbook<br>

Quantitative Comparisons/Reasoning Advanced Workbook

Quantitative Comparisons/Reasoning Advanced Workbook
Item# QuantAdvWB
Our Quantitative Comparisons/Reasoning: Advanced Workbook provides extensive practice for students so they can become accustomed to the quantitative questions found on the Advanced SCAT™ (grades 6-8) and CTP-4™ (grades 9-12) assessments.

Our Quantitative Comparisons/Reasoning: Advanced Workbook contains strategies and practice for the Quantitative Comparison questions on the Advanced SCAT™. Since the format and content of this assessment is very similar to those on the CTP-4™, the 80 exercises in this workbook can also provide preparation for the Quantitative Reasoning section of the CTP-4™.

By using our Quantitative Comparisons/Reasoning: Advanced Workbook, students can increase confidence and develop problem-solving techniques to promote a stronger understanding of quantitative questions, an optimum test outcome with quantitative-type questions, as well as general enrichment.

  • 56 pages

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