CogAT® Test Prep

CogAT® Test Prep
Our Verbal Analogies Workbooks provide extensive practice for students so they can become accustomed to verbal analogies (grades K-5+*), including those found on the CogAT® assessments.

Our Verbal Analogies Workbooks contain questions along with tips, strategies, and explanations that will help students solve even the toughest analogy questions. Also included is workspace designed to reinforce understanding of the most common analogy relationships.

By using our Verbal Analogies Workbooks, students can increase confidence and develop problem-solving techniques to promote a stronger understanding of analogies, an optimum test outcome with analogy-type questions, as well as general enrichment.

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*It is very important to note that the grades assigned to each level are general suggestions. It is entirely possible that a younger child would excel with the higher-level questions, or that a student in the upper grades would struggle with the earlier-level questions. A student’s performance on these questions depends greatly on their vocabulary, exposure to analogies (which are not typically taught in school), and other student-specific variables.
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